Saperavi of "Vazisubani Estate" Named Among 14 Best Wines of East Europe


"The Independent" British publishing provided information regarding the best wines of Eastern Europe.

The article describes 14 best European wines, including "Saperavi" from Kvevri vessel of "Vazisubani Estate" Company of Georgia.

"Georgia is one of the oldest wine regions in the world. This red wine is made with the use of traditional method. Fermentation process was going on in Kvevri clay-vessels. This is made from Georgian grape type "Saperavi". The wine is unfiltered, tastes like ripe cherry, dried fruit and has the soft, tannin-rich body. You can drink or age it for further use" – this is how “The Independent” British publishing describes Saperavi of "Vazisubani Estate".

"Vazisubani Estate" is located in Vazisubani Village, Kakheti, on the territory of historic estate of Sulkhan Chavchavadze. The company owns vineyard, which is located on the best micro-zones of Mukuzani and Vazisubani. Wines are made from the selected harvests of these vineyards.

Wines of "Vazisubani Estate" are created by the world famous viticulturist Lado Uzunashvili. Wines, created by him, got more than 150 gold medals and top awards at various international competitions.

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