The Winery


The winery, built on 1,2 ha territory of "Vazisubani Estate" is equipped with all ultramodern equipment, needed for the production of best wines.


Processing resource of a winery is 500 tons of grapes a year, giving possibility to produce half million bottles of wine. The winery has the full cycle system of wine production process from harvesting of the grapes to bottling of the wines.


Together with a winery, a wine-cellar is functioning as well in "Vazisubani Estate", where unfiltered Kvevri wines are made in traditional Georgian Kvevri vessels. Maximum capacity of Kvevri vessels is 70 tons of grapes, giving possibility to produce 70.000 bottles of Kvevri wines a year. Wine-cellar of "Vazisubani Estate" is also equipped with all needed means for further processing and storing of wines.


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Vazisubani, Kakheti Region, Georgia,1504
2 Station Square, Tbilisi, Georgia

Office: 032 2 95 11 34
Sales Department:+995 599 89 78 00
Tourism & Hospitality Department: 591 04 01 10
Marketing Department: +995 599 93 10 11
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