Kakhuri Mtsvane (Mtsvane means new, young and green) is a grape variety unique to Georgia. It should be considered as quite an old grapevine variety, it even seems to be older than Rkatsiteli. Mtsvane is the best among the white grapevine varieties of Kakheti. It is regarded as sensitive to its environment, demanding attentive cultivation.

Kakhuri Mtsvane is used to make white wine. When vinified in a European style, the young dry, white wine often has a greenish- straw tinge


Rkatsiteli, the name means “red stem” (rka=vine cane; tsiteli=red) It is the leading white grape variety to Georgia. Rkatsiteli – is the native grapevine species of Kakheti. It originates from the domesticated species of the Alazani valley and provides high quality production for making European and Kakhetian type white table wines as well as strong and dessert wines. Because Rkatsiteli has relatively quiet aromatics. It is also a good source of table grape for local consumption.


Saperavi, meaning “something to color with,” or “to dye”. It is leading and traditional red grape variety in Georgia, very old and the most widely planted.

The diversity of clones and varities of Saperavi attests to the ancient nature of the grape.

Saperavi – one of the best representatives in the world red wine assortment. Particularly, the high quality table red wine produced from Saperavi in its homeland in Kakheti.

Both traditional and European methods are used.


There is no available information about the origin of the name. It grows in eastern Georgia, especially in Kakheti. Khikhvi is a local less-spread standardized variety of vine providing high quality table white wine, and, in some microdistricts, good quality dessert wine. It is a grape that deserves greater attention. 

The light wines appear both in European and Qvevri versions;


Kisi is indigenous to Kakheti. It is a less distributed grapevine variety of Kakheti. Notwithstanding the high quality of wine it can produce, it became almost extinct by the 2000, a result of the preference for Rkatsiteli. Further, it is bit trickier to grow. Is made both in the European and Georgian manner. Occasionally it is fortified.

Our Vineyards

A wonderful palace hung from above the Gombori ridge was surrounded by the amazingly well-cared vineyards on the edge of the village Vazisubani. It is the most beautiful and the richest region of Kakheti (East Georgia), where the grape harvest was kept in huge Qvevri (vessels made of clay buried in the ground to make and keep wine). Still, at the end of 19th century the Vazisubani estate was developed by a young aristocrat (Tavadi – a feudal title in Georgia) Sulkhan Chavchavadze.

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