Vazisubani Estate

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Vazisubani Estate

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It represented the best architectural example of the XIX C. Georgia that underwent several modifications. At the end of the XIX c. the palace has acquired its last image, which was retained up till the late period, till the 1893, when its owner was pressured by the unpaid debts to sell the palace together with the estate to the Prince Department. Today, in Vazisubani is going restoration of the palace, which will be finished by May 2018. Luxurious exposition salons, exhibition halls, meeting rooms, apartments, Georgian and European restaurants will be arranged in the palace. "Vazisubani Estate" will be able to host all the guests and create pleasant atmosphere to make it unforgettable forever.

Here the salons decorated with rich expositions, exhibition halls, meeting rooms, apartments, Georgian and Europian restaurants provide ideal environment to turn “Vazisubani Estate” into the meeting point connecting ancestors with off springs. The restored wine cellar and the vineyard cultivated on 35 hectares of land area also serves the same purpose and makes for the visitors available to become acquainted with the farm life of the region and to observe the technology of wine making in the pitcher that is so unique in the world.

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