New wine brand – Georgian Sun

On October 3, the company "Vazisubani Estate " presented a new brand of Georgian wine "Georgian Sun". the event was presented for invited guests at the Hard Rock Café. "Georgian Sun" - The Georgian wine brand, boasting its roots in one of the most impressive regions of Georgian viticulture and winemaking. Our wines come from Vazisubani, which is perfectly located on the left bank of Alazani River, in Kakheti – the region saturated of Georgian Sun. The phenomenon of sun was an integral part of Georgian culture from those earliest times. The symbol of sun is one of seven ideograms of Georgian majuscule writing script. The Sun was the inspiration of our new brand conceived at our Vazisubani Estate and we turned its symbol into our identity, i.e. our logo. Kakhuri Mtsvane, Rkatsiteli, Saperavi, Khikhvi and Kisi – are those five indigenous varieties of Georgia. Our Estate vineyards are cultivated on 33 hectares at the Vazisubani and Mukuzani zones. Their properties and qualities have been mastered by our vintners. World-class Georgian winemakers are delivering the final taste profile of each of our wines that are made with a moderate combination of traditional Georgian and modern European vinification techniques at our Estate. With such a way we get the product of true Georgian characters.

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