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Today, what was once a retreat for the noble society, has been tastefully repurposed into a 19 room exquisite boutique hotel. All rooms, flooded with natural light, feature a charming mix of elegant furniture. The interiors still have historic touches to them, enlivened with a modern twist noticeable in details, colors, and overall feel of the property. The bedrooms are adorned with Victorian-era furniture that has been handpicked on leading auctions in the UK. A couple of the most notable are: Mallams Auctioneers –  one of the oldest firm of auctioneers in Oxford that started in 1788; Moore Allen & Innocent, with deep roots dating back to 1845 and Dreweatts – another prominent UK auctioneer of Fine Art, Furniture, Sculpture, etc. established in 1759. 

A team of Georgian and British architects and designers worked tirelessly to create Estate’s modern identity yet retain the traditional elegance and old-world charm.  When it comes to the exterior, we completely restored the facade, brought back the authentic look, reinforcing the cultural and historical importance of the place.

Hotel Rooms

Each of the 19 rooms and suites is one-of-a-kind, with its characteristic design, color palette, and furniture choice.

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Our Estate is one of those rare exceptions, where a hotel, a restaurant, and a cellar are conveniently located in a unique dendrological garden. Vineyards stretch over 35 hectares, and a magnificent parkland is home to some of the oldest and rarest tree species. The park extends over 1.5 hectares embellished with acacia, oak, ash-tree, biota, and many more exotic species, some older than hundred years. The vast open space, soft green grass, chirping birds, and an unparalleled atmosphere of calm and comfort give the perfect respite to have a picnic and enjoy sunny days. 

Despite the fluctuating ecological conditions, each species in the garden remains healthy. Adapted to the dry subtropical climate of Kakheti, this mini oasis forms a distinctive microclimate within the Estate, where each season of the year is astonishing.

Multifunctional Space

The new space at Vazisubani Estate was created by Kera • architecture, an architectural practice led by young Tbilisi-based creative architects. Cleaned of all partitions the space was reimagined as a series of brick arches, permitting plenty of natural light inside. Colors, patterns, textures, lighting, and furniture are handpicked and carefully selected to create a natural, welcoming atmosphere.

The new multifunctional space brings added value to our guests and visitors. It is a perfect hub to meet, hang out, share experiences, work and play. If in need of some fresh air, the new patio, cherished for its fresh food and outdoor seating, is a lovely place to have a drink or dine outdoors. 

Last but not least, the wine enthusiasts now have an opportunity to savor some of our favorite Estate wines in our newly built wine tasting room, where our experienced Sommeliers are waiting to host you.


Wine Tours and Food Pairing

Guided wine tasting sessions, led by our skilled sommeliers, make your experience unforgettable as you never tire of swirling, smelling, and sipping our Estate wines.


The Restaurant, with its simplicity, perfectly complements the 19th-century historic palace. Made of transparent glass stretching from floor to ceiling, it affords spectacular views on all sides. The project was successfully carried out by Gaga Kiknadze (Architect) and Nestan Vardiashvili (Interior designer). We are proud that both architecture and interior design work is attributed to home-grown talents with international experience. 


Estate Wine

Our expressive and exuberant wines are made from grapes unique to this region. We use the Georgian Traditional Qvevri Method, which has a history and unbroken tradition of 8 000 years. Qvevri is a terracotta giant size vessel inserted into the ground at the mezzanine level.  In Qvevri, wines are fermented and then aged on skins and lees, wintering their energy there before seeing the first daylight at the onset of spring. During springtime, we take our wines out of Qvevris for the first time since their birth.


Conference Room & Cellar

Conference Room

Vazisubani Estate is a perfect getaway for your team’s complete recharge and inspiration. Our conference room can accommodate up to 40 individuals and offers a quiet and relaxing environment to focus on work. In addition, the outdoor spaces of the Estate, which are spacious and flexible, are excellent for corporate gatherings.


The age-old traditions, which have become rituals of winemaking, are revealed on a visit to the140-year-old wine cellar in the refined settings of Vazisubani Estate.
The whole production cycle, from caring for the soil to vine formation and handling throughout the year, from harvesting and vinifying to bottles aged at our cellars, we bear our well-tried philosophies, which we incarnate into practice. This, together with the uninterrupted production cycle, inevitably yields superior results pleasuring even the most distinguished palates.